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Welcome to Heckmann Hollow! We started our journey in August of 2018. August is right when all the fruits are starting to ripen! Boy we were in for a big surprise! These former city dwellers had no idea of the massive amount of food we could produce!  After many hours of research, trial and error and elbow grease we are now up and running and ready to share it all with YOU! In addition to 1000 fruit trees, we have added a pick your own vegetables, herbs and flowers from over 3000 square foot garden. We also have smoking wood available in chips and logs for your smoking and grilling. Firewood is also plentiful here as is the Arkansas River Valley soil. ARV soil is the highly desirable sandy loam soil! We are 100% organic. We do not use any harsh chemicals, herbicides or pesticides, ever. Our goal is to be the best stewards of the land.
We hope you enjoy your visit!
Apple Tree


  • Apple, Peach, Plum, & Pear Picking  
    Our orchards offer nine different varieties of apples.  Our earliest ripening of the tree fruits is Lodi, our summer apple, available towards the end of July.  Peaches, plums, and pears become available soon after in late summer.

  • Cherries, Mulberries, and Strawberries
    Mulberries and strawberries are available for picking in June.  Our cherry tree blossoms and turns to fruit in early July. 

  • Organic Vegetable & Herb Garden
    We have 3500 square feet of organic garden beds with a variety of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, melons, squashes, and more.  We have 50 different species of vegetables and herbs to explore.

  • Flowers
    Create your own handpicked flower bouquets from a dozen different blooms. 

  • Bakery
    Enjoy housemade treats and beverages in our outdoor cafe with hometown charm.  

Apples in basket

From The Bakery

Choose from our house made

baked goods, snacks,

drinks and dinner starters.  

Our ingredients come

right from our organic farm.  

All 100% house made and delicious!

We offer a different menu daily.

Please inform us of any allergies.

All of our food is plant based

for your health

and the health of our planet.

Heckmann Hollow Orchards & Gardens

65295 US Highway 50

Fowler CO 81039


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